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Businesses are from Mars and Consumers are from Venus: Part 3

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Break down the barriers!

Last Wednesday’s post emphasized the importance of direct relationships between consumers and businesses. Forget Mars and Venus, we want both parties within the Spokeable Solar System where we fight to forge true win-wins.

The prevalence of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest demonstrate how willing and enthusiastically consumers present themselves online. People eagerly tag photos of their lifestyles along with their desired goods and experiences. In the existing platforms individuals are uploading their most valuable assets (consumer data) for free. Because of the barriers which exist between consumers and businesses, the result is a zero sum game. Local businesses can’t access or analyze the plethora of data on the one hand. Consumers don’t receive anything in exchange for their valuable information, on the other.

Spokeable serves to break down the barriers, insuring that businesses and consumers can interact in real time as business partners. Through our platform, consumers become spokesmodels and evangelist for specific businesses. In exchange, they recieve exclusive and coveted rewards for that action. Simultaneously, the business can grow and expand their addressable market and customer base by leveraging their social capital. They create interactive relationships with their loyal customer base and target marketing for that group and their likeminded followers. The interaction proves engaging for both parties. It offers consumers the opportunity to show exactly what they want. It allows the business to tailor individual rewards based on these displayed wants of their customer base. Spokeable proves itself an excellent platform through which we transform traditional concepts of advertising into tailored services and demand fulfillment.

We create partnerships of equals between consumers and businesses.   You want in?


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Say Cheese! Why Food Brands Want Photos




My favorite foods made New York Times headlines this morning. Macaroni and Cheese. Kraft Foods Group is hiring a start-up firm, Ditto Labs, to learn more about their customers. How? Through photos.

Sara Braun, senior marketing director for Kraft Macaroni and Cheese discussed their decision to hire Ditto in a statement. “We want to ensure we continue to evolve, keep the brand fresh and relevant. A lot has changed with how the consumer sources information. As a marketer, we want to be reaching our consumer in whatever technologies she uses today.”

Sara is right. The best way to understand consumers is to look at what they’re currently doing and how their currently doing it. Consumer behavior is sourced online these days and best done through photos. More than 500 million photos are updated daily.  That’s a lot of information about consumers. There is nothing more valuable for any company, regardless of size, than a keen understanding of what their customers do and what they celebrate. Because people uploaded photos of their day’s high point, it offers an invaluable assessment of what’s attractive to the consumer. Photos, then, are ripe with collectible data for how to grow market reach and fine tune outreach strategies.

Ditto Labs also explains in their presentation that photos can help brands/businesses identify competitors as well as fans. It can help understand what else is out there and how to set themselves apart.

There is perhaps no more valuable data collection tool than photo analysis. The hard part, though, is analyzing it all.This is why in Spokeable we created the backend software that allows for all the photos taken in small businesses to be categorized in a way that easily encourages action. We facilitate the use of photo-data for marketing solutions that truly influence customers. Small businesses can’t pay for big firms like Ditto (though their work is great). And Ditto isn’t trying to access the small business market. At Spokeable, though, we created a  platform specifically designed for local business that helps them understand and truly engage their customers in relevant exchanges.  Through photos.

Tonight I think I’ll get mac and cheese from my local Fort Green takeaway. I just saw a great photo on Spokeable.


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Uber Gives Startups 7-min Pitch rides! We want one!!!

Startups in Silicon Valley will have seven minutes to pitch investors during a free Uber ride Wednesday, according to a post from the on-demand car service.

Uber is partnering with Google Ventures, the investment arm of the tech giant, to give entrepreneurs a chance to market their ideas. The company’s app, which lets users order chauffeured cars through their mobile phones, is making good on CEO Travis Kalanick’s vision of delivering everything on-demand.

They just need to request an “UberPITCH” ride through the Uber app while in the heart of the Valley: Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Menlo Park. The app orders a driver who will drive over with an investor. Entrepreneurs get seven minutes to pitch to the investor, while riding in the car, and then the investor will give feedback for seven minutes. The drivers will make round trips back to the startup location but where they go during the ride is unclear.

Spokeable trumps SEO.

Who do you trust more, google or your best friend?


Yes, that was a rhetorical question.  You’re going to trust your friend.  When I want a restaurant recommendation in NYC I always call my best friend Jules who works in the industry. If I’m traveling to Chicago for a weekend I post on Facebook to crowd source for recommendations from people I trust.  It’s not because I can’t find the information for the best restaurants on Google. It’s because I want endorsements.  I don’t want to waste my time with a place that could be on google just because of great SEO. I want word-of-mouth.

As does everyone, word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing phenomenon.  Ask any local business and they’ll say it’s true. Spokeable’s platform executes word of mouth seamlessly.  Creating win-win relationships for customers and local businesses. It allows you to learn about the best local places through people in your network or likeminded followers you trust.  Spokeable may not render SEO completely obsolete. But we’ll give it a run for it’s money 😉

This article, like many with the same information, give tips on SEO for local businesses.  Yes, it’s valuable information. But we’ve created a platform that will make all this tricky business more or less unnecessary.  Can’t wait for you to get on board!

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Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who’s Responsible for What?

Check out this timely and well-written article published by Mashable.  It dives into what Social Media, Marketing and PR efforts need to do in today’s social commerce world. It practically outlines what Spokeable does.  The best quotes from the article are the following:


This is exactly what Spokeable achieves. An online ecosystem in which local businesses and local customers explores the same space.


Exactly.  In our business plan we define Spokeable as a product that facilitates ongoing, relevant conversations between local businesses and local customers.  Traditional channels do not facilitate the back-and forth between merchant and patron.  We knew we had to connect that bridge.  We’ve done it in a relevant, engaging way that encourages exchange.

ImageMy favorite part about Spokeable is that it can happen moment-to-moment.  If I go to a restaurant with an account on Spokeable and I upload a photo while sitting there, they can send me a deal off my check for THAT NIGHT. It’s current, relevant, timely.  One of my favorite parts of the ingenious platform.

I love how the author discusses all of these branches of outreach like separate pieces and how Spokeable seamlessly weaves them together.  Local business don’t have time to “align their strategies” they want to think about making pie (see previous post).   I’m just tickled pink when I see articles like this that validate the product.

Now it’s time to pack up shop and celebrate your Friday, folks.



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Today’s consumers want authenticity. Story. Endorsement.


This week a popular small business know-how blog wrote a piece about the 5 best ways facilitate word-of-mouth. Check out the article here and the Spokeable breakdown below.

1) Encourage customers to write reviews.

Yes. But better yet, encourage them to take photos. Photos are the fastest and most compelling word-of-mouth in our media age. That’s why Spokeable is based on photo sharing. People write about what they don’t like. And snap pics of what they do!


2) Share testimonials on your website.

Definitely, do it. Or better yet, send out a spokesmodel deal through spokeable. It serves as a testimonial! That person redeemed an exclusive reward at your business and loved it!

Share Client Experiences

3) Show off your well-known clients.

Spokeable knows that celebrity spokesmodels sell products. We also know that ALL your clients have an important, reachable following. That’s why our platform is designed to convert the average Janes and Joes into spoksemodels for your business. Show off all your clients to their special following. The best kind of endorsement is the one they trust.

Celebrity Clients

4) Respond to customers on social media.

Spokeable allows for an ongoing exchange between your business and your customer. The “response” is built into the system allowing engaging and relevant conversations to occur.


5) Reward happy customers.

Send an exclusive reward to the happy folk that upload your photos and reach their following too. Oh, don’t you just love win-win!

Spokeable Rewards