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Happy Monday….and #CINCODEMAYO!

Here at Spokeable we are always looking for reasons to celebrate. Cinco de Mayo is a stellar one. How do we suggest you commemorate the famous Batalla de Puebla

1) Find a local Mexican eatery.

2) Order a margarita.


While you’re at it, snap a photo of the spicy mole enchiladas and upload it to Spokeable! Don’t forget to repeat with the prickly pear margarita too!

New York City (Spokeable’s second home) is brimming with authentic Mexican restaurants smelling of epazote and lime. Tonight, all of them will be bursting at the seams with salsa music, smooth tequila and Spokeable worthy photos. Get out there and dance some Tapatio! But don’t forget to download the app and upload some photos! 

Spokeable’s recommendation for tonight? The Lower East Side’s Cafe El Portal. Tucked away on a small corner on Elizabeth St, Café El Portal is a haven for Mexican food lovers. Their selection of tamales, enchiladas, tacos, fajitas and chiles rellenos is large enough to satisfy any craving for flavors south of the border. Ask about the specials, like Duck Sopes, which come smothered in pungent tomatillo sauce. If you’re feeling brave try the cactus burrito.

Lunches here are an extravagant, leisurely affairs. Treat them as such. Begin the meal with the chicken soup, a Mexican specialty, with homemade broth and abundant lime, epazote, cilantro and roasted poblano peppers. Don’t forget the guacamole made with  buttery, flavorful avocados.  A spoonful of this green goodness, wrapped in a fresh tortilla and dragged along the bottom of a nearly empty bowl of chicken soup is an experience like none other. Provecho! That’s all I can say.

Enjoy the day and remember to patron your local outposts!

Un Abrazo,

Team Spokeable



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 Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 12.35.42 PM

Spokeable’s new offices are in the Lower East Side. Our hearts and stomaches will forever long for Gigi‘s soft serve cones in Miami’s midtown, but for now our operation is Big Apple bound.  Our new home is a bohemium co-working space called The Yard in the Lower East Side. (Uber got their start here.)  The vibe is chill and productive, the decor minimalist and modern.  It’s a place where techies meet artist meet all the time coffee.  The best part of the space, besides the community of cool folk, is the location. The Lower East Side is ripe with riches.  No joke, there is even a rice pudding shop called “Rice to Riches.”  It has almost every fashion and flavor delight you can dream of! Brimming with bakeries, bars and boutiques the Lower East Side is the perfect place for Spokeable to get it’s start.  We are about local shops reaching their local market.  I can’t think of a better place to begin. Which is why I’m featuring two of Spokeable’s favorite LES joints here today!

Image at 88 Orchard St — As a fixture both in its streetscape and the hearts of the community, Irving Farm at 88 Orchard keeps focus on preserving the most wonderful things about the cafe while building on its great menu and atmosphere with a quality-focused coffee program. Most of all, they say, “we’re proud to be part of this Lower East Side neighborhood tradition.” They make a great cup of coffee and some delectable vanilla bean donuts too. Sarah is guilty of eating one too many.  Regularly.


Image at 129 Rivington St. — A cornerstone of the Spokeable lunch, Tiny Giant gets a lot of business from our team.  In an unpretentious and airy setting they offer vegetarian and meaty sandwiches ranging from the Mac Daddy (a veggie burger resembling a big mac and smothered in special sauce) to the Spicy Rizzak (turkey, bacon, sautéed onions, cheddar, and genuinely hot chipotle mayo).  They also have decent coffee and a very, very friendly staff.