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Businesses are from Mars and Consumers are from Venus: Part 3

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Break down the barriers!

Last Wednesday’s post emphasized the importance of direct relationships between consumers and businesses. Forget Mars and Venus, we want both parties within the Spokeable Solar System where we fight to forge true win-wins.

The prevalence of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest demonstrate how willing and enthusiastically consumers present themselves online. People eagerly tag photos of their lifestyles along with their desired goods and experiences. In the existing platforms individuals are uploading their most valuable assets (consumer data) for free. Because of the barriers which exist between consumers and businesses, the result is a zero sum game. Local businesses can’t access or analyze the plethora of data on the one hand. Consumers don’t receive anything in exchange for their valuable information, on the other.

Spokeable serves to break down the barriers, insuring that businesses and consumers can interact in real time as business partners. Through our platform, consumers become spokesmodels and evangelist for specific businesses. In exchange, they recieve exclusive and coveted rewards for that action. Simultaneously, the business can grow and expand their addressable market and customer base by leveraging their social capital. They create interactive relationships with their loyal customer base and target marketing for that group and their likeminded followers. The interaction proves engaging for both parties. It offers consumers the opportunity to show exactly what they want. It allows the business to tailor individual rewards based on these displayed wants of their customer base. Spokeable proves itself an excellent platform through which we transform traditional concepts of advertising into tailored services and demand fulfillment.

We create partnerships of equals between consumers and businesses.   You want in?


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Fighting for the Little Fish

Customers shop at Rizzoli Bookstore on 57th Street

Many storeowners believe city government should take on advocating for longtime, local stores. A DeBlasio spokesperson, Wiley Norvell, said in a comment that the administration will work to preserve longtime stores and venues. But we haven’t seen any new policy come out fighting for small businesses or at least nothing significant to enough to create a stir.

In an interview between Pereira and Rolando Pujol, who runs city history blog The Retrologist, the historian said the trend of closing longtime businesses has increased over the last five years. “People pay a premium to live in New York because of the interesting funky shops and the weird little places to grab a bite. But every time you lose that, it begins to erase the value that New York has.”

As I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, this phenomenon of local businesses not surviving is what drove Spokeable co-founders to create their solution for local businesses. They wanted to support local business owners and their establishments and help them thrive. They’d seen a lot of their favorite shops close in Miami and wanted to find a way to prevent further closings from taking place. Spokeable is a tool that helps local businesses grow in a sustainable way through their existing customers. We want the little fish to swim, everywhere.

If you’re in a town or city where you can support your local stores, do so. And download the app.  Also definitely check out Pereira’s article where you can see the list of stores recently closed or closing in NYC.


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Social Commerce with a BIG ROI


It’s become something of an accepted mantra, this idea that everything “social” has a soft (or nonexistent) return on investment (ROI).  At Spokeable, we agree with John Lawson, CEO of Atlanta-based ColderICE Mediawho in his book  Kick Ass Social Commerce for E-preneurs: It’s Not About Likes—It’s About Sales, relates everything back to the bottom line. Small business owners need to turn social commerce into revenue. 

Social media is one avenue that consumers use to tell you they like you, but Lawson says that doesn’t mean they’ll actually buy something. That’s exactly why we created Spokeable.  The platform allows members to tell you they like you via photo-sharing (an existing and prevalent behavior) and It ALSO opens a channel from the business to the consumer to encourage an actual sale, via rewards. Lawson explains that although you want your audience to like you, mostly “it’s about how to take that emotion (like) and turn it into an action (purchase).” Spokeable converts the action of endorsing into the action of purchasing. 

Through social media platforms not designed with local businesses in mind, there isn’t a clear call to action that the consumer understands and can readily follow through with.  With Spokeable, the call to action is clear.  And the effectiveness of engaging through social commerce is easily measured on our back-end business interface. We subvert the idea that social platform ROI is low, indeed bringing tangible and replicable value to businesses through Spokeable. “Part of why people think it’s soft is because they’ve never attempted to measure it,” Lawson says. “Once you can measure something, you can tweak it and make it better.”

This is what we do at Spokeable. We are a simple to use enterprise software for the small-business.


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What’s Up Wednesday?

Why are we obsessed with solving this problem for local businesses?

We Like Local Pie.


I mean, seriously. We want to make sure there is a lot of local pie going around. All types of pie! Banana creams, apple, cherry, strawberry-rhubarb. Local pie is where it’s at. Not grocery store pie. Local, homemade, mom and pop pie. Yum.

And maybe scoop some local ice cream on top. And add side of coffee from the local roaster. Personally I like eating pie while wearing the t-shirts from that cute boutique down the street. And while we’re at it let’s make sure that there are local tote bags and neon kicks and gold bangles too.

You do you, local shops. Keep offering the products that we love.

After a fave Miami coffee shop closed and then the sweet designer owned boutique and the speakeasy bar…founders Anthony and Daniel thought, “why do these local businesses fail?” What’s the answer? Because they are good at their merchandising, their sourcing, their high-quality products, but they don’t have the business know-how.

That’s where Spokeable comes in. We decided to give them the sales and marketing platform to grow their business with ease. We created Spokeable’s ecosystem to give local businesses a competitive advantage so that they can go back to doing what they do best: make pie.

With a background in enterprise business, Spokeable’s founders know why big businesses stay in business. They have the tools. They have the know-how. They have the technology. With Spokeable, local businesses have those tools too.

Pretty, neat right?

If you’re in the NYC area and you want some pie, check out Four and Twenty Blackbirds. On Spokeable soon 😉




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Today’s consumers want authenticity. Story. Endorsement.


This week a popular small business know-how blog wrote a piece about the 5 best ways facilitate word-of-mouth. Check out the article here and the Spokeable breakdown below.

1) Encourage customers to write reviews.

Yes. But better yet, encourage them to take photos. Photos are the fastest and most compelling word-of-mouth in our media age. That’s why Spokeable is based on photo sharing. People write about what they don’t like. And snap pics of what they do!


2) Share testimonials on your website.

Definitely, do it. Or better yet, send out a spokesmodel deal through spokeable. It serves as a testimonial! That person redeemed an exclusive reward at your business and loved it!

Share Client Experiences

3) Show off your well-known clients.

Spokeable knows that celebrity spokesmodels sell products. We also know that ALL your clients have an important, reachable following. That’s why our platform is designed to convert the average Janes and Joes into spoksemodels for your business. Show off all your clients to their special following. The best kind of endorsement is the one they trust.

Celebrity Clients

4) Respond to customers on social media.

Spokeable allows for an ongoing exchange between your business and your customer. The “response” is built into the system allowing engaging and relevant conversations to occur.


5) Reward happy customers.

Send an exclusive reward to the happy folk that upload your photos and reach their following too. Oh, don’t you just love win-win!

Spokeable Rewards