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Businesses are from Mars and Consumers are from Venus: Part 3

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Break down the barriers!

Last Wednesday’s post emphasized the importance of direct relationships between consumers and businesses. Forget Mars and Venus, we want both parties within the Spokeable Solar System where we fight to forge true win-wins.

The prevalence of social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest demonstrate how willing and enthusiastically consumers present themselves online. People eagerly tag photos of their lifestyles along with their desired goods and experiences. In the existing platforms individuals are uploading their most valuable assets (consumer data) for free. Because of the barriers which exist between consumers and businesses, the result is a zero sum game. Local businesses can’t access or analyze the plethora of data on the one hand. Consumers don’t receive anything in exchange for their valuable information, on the other.

Spokeable serves to break down the barriers, insuring that businesses and consumers can interact in real time as business partners. Through our platform, consumers become spokesmodels and evangelist for specific businesses. In exchange, they recieve exclusive and coveted rewards for that action. Simultaneously, the business can grow and expand their addressable market and customer base by leveraging their social capital. They create interactive relationships with their loyal customer base and target marketing for that group and their likeminded followers. The interaction proves engaging for both parties. It offers consumers the opportunity to show exactly what they want. It allows the business to tailor individual rewards based on these displayed wants of their customer base. Spokeable proves itself an excellent platform through which we transform traditional concepts of advertising into tailored services and demand fulfillment.

We create partnerships of equals between consumers and businesses.   You want in?


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Author: anthonyworku

Anthony Worku is an entrepreneur, strategist and enterprise software expert. In 2010 he founded Work.u Ventures International, a business incubation and development firm centered in technology for local markets. Anthony brings a wealth of experience to his endeavors, including serial tech entrepreneurship, enterprise software consulting and an upbringing in small businesses. He has over 15 yrs of experience in Enterprise Software. His current venture is Spokeable, a social commerce marketing solution for local businesses. Spokeable turns average joes and janes into local spoksemodels, streamlines word-of-mouth and capitalizes on the largest asset to grow any business: current customers.

One thought on “Businesses are from Mars and Consumers are from Venus: Part 3

  1. Has spokeable completely shut down??

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