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Springtime Means Shopping. Locally Please!

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Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party. Friday says that too. So, on this beautiful Friday in May the entire city of New York is itching for fiesta. Men are sporting kaki suits. Women are wearing floral print dresses (no stockings, madame). Everyone, children and adults alike, are happily getting their fingers sticky with Mister Softee swirls. The air is practically stinging with spring. Let’s get this party on, Friday.

If you haven’t already switched your closet over from wool coats and chunky scarfs to something with chiffon or taffeta pastel, you best buzz an Uber to your Queens storage unit. It’s May folks!  We only have one more month of Spring! Seize the sun and dress in light paisley! If you aren’t up for the trip to storage this weekend, at the very least go buy a new outfit for tonight’s DJ-set at Brooklyn Bowl.  Black turtlenecks be gone! Get to a local boutique and purchase something spring.  Emphasis on “local” of course. And Spring.

At Spokeable this spring season we are all about local commerce. Actually, we are all about local commerce all the time. And although the shopping landscape has changed with the rise of e-commerce, we are most excited about bridging online and offline experiences. And about bringing together local customers and their local stores.

Street Fight Mag article this week outlines some of the key changes in local commerce to come up. The article sites important reasons why Spokeable is in an ideal position to facilitate satisfying relationships between customers and their favorite businesses. 

Here are five trends they think will shape the future of commerce over the next decade.

1) Marketplaces For X Marketplaces are the new mall. Why walk around for hours on end, when you can view millions of products online? Totes true. 2) The Death of Malls Big box outlets will close doors and focus efforts online. 3) New Logistics Amazon’s push into same day delivery will drive innovation within the logistic space.   

4) Connected Stores: As shopping malls close, local businesses need to work together to deliver new shopping experiences. New ways to attract customers and keep them in store/ on premise for as long as possible. Local businesses will need to focus on building relationships and environments where people want to be seen and heard.  Spokeable facilitates this exact happening. We create ongoing and relevant conversations for businesses and customers that feel like win-wins. Our platform builds correspondence, connection and collaboration in a new and unique environment that encourages in-store shopping.

5) Social Verification: Sales will depend upon local and relevant messaging as it relates to the individual consumer, their network, and their community. Consumers will depend on social networks, reviews, referrals, community, and how people they know and trust make purchases. Spokeable was built on the premise that word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing phenomenon. Why? Because when someone you trust vouches for restaurant or boutique you are likely to go. And enjoy! Social-commerce is the new terrain for local commerce and it will be so for some time.

The upcoming trends shaping local commerce have already begun. Spokeable works in conjunction with the new shopping terrain.  We are all about keeping up with Joneses. Especially this Spring. 

Happy Friday to All!




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turning average janes and joes into local spokesmodels

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