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hospitality: make your customers feel important

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How do you make your local customers feel important?  Tips from Danny Meyer a restaurateur in New York City who currently runs 11 restaurants, has been in the business for 26 years. He’s a local businessman with the best in hospitality know-how.

So how do we think you make your customers feel important?  here are some spokeable tips.

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.01.21 PM

1. Go above and beyond

Your customers may remember the espresso you made for them, but they’ll definitely remember if it was a perfectly pulled shot, steamed micro foam and delivered with a smile.


post it

2. Keep your word

Always.  If you say you’re going to add a vegan bacon to the breakfast menu. Add it.  ASAP.


3. Take the call, answer the email

Be in communication with your customer.  Spokeable’s platform facilitates ongoing, relevant conversations between you and your customers.  If we aren’t yet in your town use traditional channels as well as you can, always answering the phone and responding to emails.

4. Listen well

What are your customers saying about your product/offerings?  Are you listening well?  There is so much to learn about improving service for your client base if you just listen!

Keep Calm

5. Accept the blame

Even if it’s not your fault. The old adage reins : the customer is always right.

help out!

6. Help Out

Sometimes people are in your store to window-shop.  Even if they aren’t going to buy, be helpful, attentive and kind.  It will pay back with word-of-mouth recommendations. Online “helping” is as simple as answering question.

7. Turn problems into opportunities

If a customer calls with a complaint, don’t think only how you can solve the problem, but how you can solve it in such a way that they will leave thinking you are the best business ever.

Spokeable Rewards

8. Let them know they are important: REWARD

Spokeable allows direct rewards to specific online spokesmodels.  Give your customers a little extra something. They’ll be sure to spread the word about your locale…and come back!


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turning average janes and joes into local spokesmodels

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