turning average joes into local spokesmodels

Spokeable trumps SEO.

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Spokeable trumps SEO.

Who do you trust more, google or your best friend?


Yes, that was a rhetorical question.  You’re going to trust your friend.  When I want a restaurant recommendation in NYC I always call my best friend Jules who works in the industry. If I’m traveling to Chicago for a weekend I post on Facebook to crowd source for recommendations from people I trust.  It’s not because I can’t find the information for the best restaurants on Google. It’s because I want endorsements.  I don’t want to waste my time with a place that could be on google just because of great SEO. I want word-of-mouth.

As does everyone, word-of-mouth is the most effective marketing phenomenon.  Ask any local business and they’ll say it’s true. Spokeable’s platform executes word of mouth seamlessly.  Creating win-win relationships for customers and local businesses. It allows you to learn about the best local places through people in your network or likeminded followers you trust.  Spokeable may not render SEO completely obsolete. But we’ll give it a run for it’s money 😉

This article, like many with the same information, give tips on SEO for local businesses.  Yes, it’s valuable information. But we’ve created a platform that will make all this tricky business more or less unnecessary.  Can’t wait for you to get on board!

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turning average janes and joes into local spokesmodels

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