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Social Media, Marketing and PR: Who’s Responsible for What?

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Check out this timely and well-written article published by Mashable.  It dives into what Social Media, Marketing and PR efforts need to do in today’s social commerce world. It practically outlines what Spokeable does.  The best quotes from the article are the following:


This is exactly what Spokeable achieves. An online ecosystem in which local businesses and local customers explores the same space.


Exactly.  In our business plan we define Spokeable as a product that facilitates ongoing, relevant conversations between local businesses and local customers.  Traditional channels do not facilitate the back-and forth between merchant and patron.  We knew we had to connect that bridge.  We’ve done it in a relevant, engaging way that encourages exchange.

ImageMy favorite part about Spokeable is that it can happen moment-to-moment.  If I go to a restaurant with an account on Spokeable and I upload a photo while sitting there, they can send me a deal off my check for THAT NIGHT. It’s current, relevant, timely.  One of my favorite parts of the ingenious platform.

I love how the author discusses all of these branches of outreach like separate pieces and how Spokeable seamlessly weaves them together.  Local business don’t have time to “align their strategies” they want to think about making pie (see previous post).   I’m just tickled pink when I see articles like this that validate the product.

Now it’s time to pack up shop and celebrate your Friday, folks.




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turning average janes and joes into local spokesmodels

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