turning average joes into local spokesmodels


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Today’s consumers want authenticity. Story. Endorsement.


This week a popular small business know-how blog wrote a piece about the 5 best ways facilitate word-of-mouth. Check out the article here and the Spokeable breakdown below.

1) Encourage customers to write reviews.

Yes. But better yet, encourage them to take photos. Photos are the fastest and most compelling word-of-mouth in our media age. That’s why Spokeable is based on photo sharing. People write about what they don’t like. And snap pics of what they do!


2) Share testimonials on your website.

Definitely, do it. Or better yet, send out a spokesmodel deal through spokeable. It serves as a testimonial! That person redeemed an exclusive reward at your business and loved it!

Share Client Experiences

3) Show off your well-known clients.

Spokeable knows that celebrity spokesmodels sell products. We also know that ALL your clients have an important, reachable following. That’s why our platform is designed to convert the average Janes and Joes into spoksemodels for your business. Show off all your clients to their special following. The best kind of endorsement is the one they trust.

Celebrity Clients

4) Respond to customers on social media.

Spokeable allows for an ongoing exchange between your business and your customer. The “response” is built into the system allowing engaging and relevant conversations to occur.


5) Reward happy customers.

Send an exclusive reward to the happy folk that upload your photos and reach their following too. Oh, don’t you just love win-win!

Spokeable Rewards


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turning average janes and joes into local spokesmodels

One thought on “Worrrd-of-Mouth

  1. This is a great take about local business using technology to connect with their customers. Look forward to hearing more.

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