turning average joes into local spokesmodels


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As a tech-startup we see Spokeable as the art of how technology can be leveraged to streamline exisitng “Offline” human interactions by bringing them “Online”. In our case, it is the ever-exisitng, commercial relationship (between Consumer and Local Business) that has turned the gears of history for centuries.

We created this blog as a platform to not only shed light on today’s commercial paradigm and its respective inefficiencies (the “Why” of Spokeable) but to also show and truly understand the direction in which commerce is moving towards (the “What” and “How” of Spokeable).

With that, we welcome you on our journey  and we are excited for what the future will bring to us.

Until Next Time…

-Danny and Anthony

BE WARNED: We are not professional writers and we love our run-ons.


Author: Danny

Just a regular kid from Miami, who never stopped dreaming.

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